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Rangitata Rafts
Campaign Management
McCarthy Design

Rangitata Rafts are the only company in the South Island offering a consistent Grade 5 rapids experience. Their brand was a few years old and the landscape (metaphorically speaking) had shifted considerably since they last looked at the brand. 

We researched the competition and found that everyone looked alike. The same kind of styles, the same kind of fonts and images. We wanted to find a unique look for Rangitata Rafts that would stand out and help people focus on the experience. 

Our use of a clear sans-serif and black and white images created a clean visual style that gives the material a journalistic quality that stands out in a rack of super busy brochures. 

Additionally we redesigned the website in keeping with the new brand along with making it mobile responsive. The response has been highly positive with an uptick in search response and great feedback form the punters. 

We produced an effective billboard and radio-based campaign.
The website is responsive across mobile and desktop.
Our new trip pages, help tell the story of a day on the water.